What LE CIEL is made of~

LE CIEL is a team devoted to Japanese modern music (J-Rock, Visual Kei, J-Goth, J-Metal, Video Game-Drama-Anime OST music) since 2007.

LE CIEL is the creation of Spyros[room302]Hondroyiannis, an experienced DJ and event organizer for more than 25 years.

LE CIEL is the first team to organize weekly events in Athens, creating a core of J-music, video game & anime fans for 10 years now.

Highlight events of the team include the live appearances of SUGIZO (Luna Sea, X-Japan, The Flare), JUNO REACTOR, LAMIA CROSS, UNSHIN, live concert of RYO FUJIMURA (AciD FLavoR), REMNANT, DJ sets by SOMA, official video game presentations/events with KONAMI, CAPCOM (Resident Evil 6 presentation and more), MICROSOFT, SONY, ATLUS (Catherine presentation and more), SQUARE ENIX (official Final Fantasy+Kingdom Hearts tribute party), DIR EN GREY tribute parties and more, and the original officially approved series events THE SILENT HILL EXPERIENCE GREECE.

LE CIEL current line up is Spyros[room302]Hondroyiannis, Jenny and Nyu.